Put People First! Pennsylvania

If we struggle in silence, we struggle alone.
Let's connect statewide, break our isolation, and fight for human rights in Pennsylvania


In These Times: "Single Payer Rises Again"

“We often limit ourselves tremendously by not talking to people that we fear or that we have been told won’t agree,” Dzurinko says. “We can’t talk about universality unless we really are talking about everyone, and that means organizing in all communities.” Joy agrees: “If you’re not taking the time to really organize from the ground up, we’ll end up with the ACA again.”

Healthcare is a Human Right!

On Sept. 21, members from 5 counties gathered in Schuylkill County to vote on our first campaign: Health Care is a Human Right.

2013 Awards

We're happy to announce the recipients of the 2013 Mother Jones, Keystone OC and Visionary Awards, given at our membership assembly on Sept. 21.