Put People First! Pennsylvania

Put People First! PA is a membership organization changing what is politically possible in Pennsylvania.

If we struggle in silence, we struggle alone.
Let's connect statewide, break our isolation, and fight for human rights in Pennsylvania


Symptoms of an Undocumented Life

by Eliel Acosta, Field Coordinator, Central PA

“You’re not poor because you’re an immigrant, you’re an immigrant because you’re poor” – Willie Baptist

What is Single Payer?

An interview with Mark Dudzic of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare


What's an easy way to define "single-payer" health care that everyone can understand?

Global Day of Action for the Right to Health

Celebrate the Global Day of Action for the Human Right to Health on Saturday October 25th! Declare your love of your human right to health care and submit your photo to our Tumblr Page.